In this blog, we want to explain to all our amazing new clients exactly how to prepare for a Pro-lux Personal Branding shoot. To enable us to achieve the fantastic images you, the entrepreneur need and deserve to showcase the best version of yourself to your clients and across social media and gain more impact in your business.

There are various things that you need to consider before the shoot:
  • Where is your brand image now and where do you want it to be after your Pro-Lux  Personal Branding Photo Shoot Day?
  • What marketing etc... will the images be used for?
  • What clothes and accessories  to bring along for your day to ensure we achieve the look and feel that you envisaged?
  • How you want your make up to look (if applicable), natural for a more conservative corporate look or sassy smokey eyed for a more glam feel?
  • Finally, things to do before and during your day?.                 

Personal branding shoot



Your vision for your Personal Brand

The first thing you will need to decide on is how you see your future Personal Brand. Who is that person inside that wants to be show cased to the world? It is very easy to start out in our  businesses with a clear vision of how we see our brand and ourselves progressing.But life and events take over and we stray from the path that we first set out on. It is essential to be focussed on the end product and lifestyle. To create your brand about you. 

Investing in your Personal Branding  will give you an ideal opportunity to look at what made you fall in love with what you do in the first place.  It aids you see where you envisage you and your brand moving forward with your killer new images into the future attract those ideal clients you have been longing to work with. 

This is something we are happy to discuss regarding any doubts or concerns you may have. 

We are here to help, support and give you guidance.


So before anything else, sit down and really think where you see your business in the world and what you love about it, ask yourself some questions such as:
  • What do you really value about your brand, what do you really love?
  • How do you see yourself now and how do you want to see yourself in the future?
  • Who are your current customers and why do you think they are attracted to your company?
  • Who would be your ideal customer and what would you need to change to attract them?
  • What do you see as your strengths as an individual and entrepreneur? 
  • What location do you either work from or meet clients? 
  • Think about what is happening at your company in the near future? (product launches, new services, events etc)
  • What platforms will you be using your images on for future marketing? (Could be social media, blog, flyers, paid marketing etc.)
  • How about you the person, what are your own interests, places to go etc?
  • How do you want the pictures we take to look? (The style, the feel etc - research images you like) 


Personal branding shoot


What to wear?

So you have this wardrobe of amazing clothes, so what to wear for your shoot?

Once you have decided on how you want your branding to grow using the questions and consultation in the section above, we will have an idea of the types of locations we will be using to achieve the feel that you want for your personal branding shoot.

This will make it easier for you to choose appropriate outfits for each venue, the thing to do is to bring along a selection so that our stylist can then help you fine tune your selection so you have the perfect look for each image! Again, this is something that can be discussed during your consultation prior to your shoot.

You will find you will end up with a range of outfits, some chic and professional others more casual but elegant and maybe even beachy (depending where we shoot) but at the same time remember YOU are an individual and no two shoots are the same and each is bespoke to the individual.

Also don't forget to bring along a range of accessories, these complete a look, make it seem real and most importantly help to show off your uniqueness! 


The most important thing is to choose outfits / accessories that make you feel confident and give you energy as this will really show in your images.


Photography for business CEO's



Hair and make up

Again the hair and make up looks you choose will depend upon the location and style of images you want us to create for you. Also it depends on the outfits you are wearing, do you want a natural look or would a smokey eyed look be better suited? Either way our experienced make up artist and stylist can create the look that makes you feel like a million dollars. So you exude confidence in your photographs. Because you feel amazing with how you look. Any questions you have can be addressed during your consultation and also on the day itself.

One of the beauties of a Pro-Lux Personal Branding shoot is you have a professional hair and make up artist with you for the whole of your day to keep you looking flawless!



Personal branding shoot


Finally some do's and don'ts for your Pro-Lux Personal Branding shoot........
  • Try and avoid drinking alcohol for a few days prior to your shoot to help ensure your skin looks its best on the day.
  • Get plenty of sleep in the nights leading up to your shoot to help stop possible dark circles under the eyes.
  • Drink plenty of water on the days prior to your shoot.
  • Ensure your nails are either professionally manicured or if you prefer, do them yourself - some shots will include your hands so we want them looking their best.
  • Have a look at your eyebrows, do they need shaping?
  • Some people like a spray tan prior to their shoot but if  this is something you don't normally have then it would be worth having one early to ensure you like it.
  • Practice your smile prior to the shoot, sounds daft but a lot of people struggle with getting a natural smile on camera - take some selfies!

  • Again with manicures, pedicures and eyebrows etc our pro beauty team at pro lux can also help with this. 


We hope all the tips in this blog post have helped, we want you to come to your shoot as prepared as possible so we can give you the highest quality images as possible showing the best version of you!



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