Personal branding Photo Shoots.

Recently we had the pleasure and privilege of working with and taking care of Irina on her personal brand and business brand photo shoot. And what an honour it was to be trusted to convey Irina’s energy and passion in the magazine style portrait photographs with the aim to showcase this successful entrepreneur and business owner but also showcase the beautiful quality boots Irina hand picks and works alongside master craftsmen for the top quality products her business is renowned for.

Successful and ambitious Irina developed her business Mar Y Viento a number of years ago. Coming from grass roots it grew from Irina taking a step back and settling in Cadiz in Spain where she was astounded by the quality of shoes in the local area. An area abundant with great craftsmanship sitting between Portugal and Spain. An area well know for the leather and shoe industry, this is where Mar Y Viento’s birth began with Irina’s mission to spread the word about these amazing quality boots.

Using the skills of her manufacturing team and the best quality Spanish leather all the footwear will have great longevity unlike cheaper mass produced footwear some other companies retail. All of the boots are exclusive editions to Mar Y Viento. and Irina’s ethos was to ensure all footware was in keeping with tradition methods ensuring pure luxury with added comfort on your feet. Handmade and never mass produced, some of the collection is also very clever due to the multi way wear of the boot. The convertibles can be worn with charms and fringes or without. You only get this option as they are individually handmade. It is so rare to find this within business today so it is with pride we worked with this amazing Anglo Spanish brand.and we are really happy to support a fantastic luxury brand.

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